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Yolanda Foster Spotted Putting the Chic Into Swimwear with Crochet Fashions from Mustica.com

Yolanda-Fosters-White-Crochet-Bathing-Suit-in-Las-VegasFormer model Yolanda Foster, a featured personality of Housewives of Beverly Hills, recently proved that classy remains sexy as ever when she was featured in BigBlondeHair.com wearing a one-piece crochet swimsuit from Musotica.com poolside in Las Vegas.

According to popular Hollywood stylist and fashion designer Sarah Wallner (credited with the surging popularity of crochet fashions and swimsuits), the Foster photo was the latest in a long list of celebrities turning to crochet to add color, added “pop” and flexibility to their wardrobes.

“Crochet swimwear has an endless number of amazing fashion applications,” said the Italian born stylist, who also styles covers for Playboy and Fitness Rx Magazine. “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, and shorts. As my Hollywood clients and customers have already discovered, adding crochet is a fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, color, texture and flair.” (more…)

Musotica’s Crochet Swimwear Continues Summer Ascent with Real Housewives Star Marysol Patton Sighting on Miami Beach

The celebrities and exclusive beach locations may vary, but there’s a constant theme sifting through the sands of this year’s summer fashion season – crochet swimwear. With the latest sighting of Real Housewives of Miami star Marysol Patton’s showing off a Musotica.com coral crochet one piece with peak-a-boo openings on an English website – the crochet swimwear revival worldwide appears to be heating up.

And that’s good news for Hollywood stylist Sarah Wallner, creator of www.Musotica.com, who is credited by many fashion industry experts as having almost single handedly rescued crochet fashions from a seventies trash heap when Marie Claire featured her classically inspired, yet versatile crochet collection in a 2011 special magazine insert. (more…)

Parade of crochet summer fashions, ushered in by Musotica.com last year, continues to sizzle with latest LeAnn Rimes sightings in coral crochet bikini.

Multiple Grammy Award winner Leann Rimes is the latest in a growing number of top singers, actors and models flaunting figure-flattering crochet fashions this summer. What began as an occasional photo of an actress or model wearing crochet fashions at a Hollywood party, or on a Malibu Beach, has turned into a full-scale style revival, according to Sarah Wallner, founder of Musotica.com.

Wallner is credited by many fashion industry observers with playing a large part in reigniting the crochet movement when Marie Claire featured her classically inspired, yet versatile collection of crochet swimwear in a 2011 special magazine insert. One of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity stylists, Wallner believes it was just a matter of time before crochet caught on for good after the fashion fad faded in the seventies. (more…)

Keeping it British

There are many options for woman looking for good lingerie. One option that is frequently overlooked is that of buying locally made products. When you buy lingerie that is made in Great Britain, you are not only supporting local businesses, but you are helping the economy as well. Some of the British-made lingerie companies are world renown, and getting your hands on the style of your dreams are easier than you think.

Here are some of the most popular companies offering products that you may not realize are made in UK. So just maybe you will consider supporting the British economy when making that purchase either for yourself or as a gift. (more…)

What underwear women want for Valentines

Guest post by Samantha Harvey on behalf of AmpleBosom.com – the plus-size lingerie specialists.

Men often consider giving their significant others underwear for Valentine’s Day and other amorous events. This is, in fact, a great idea. In an individual poll more than 98 percent of women responded that they liked getting lingerie from their significant other as a gift. While intimate apparel can be the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day, it can also be a huge mistake, if you don’t get them something they will actually enjoy. Understanding what a woman wants when it comes to underwear is relatively simple, and when mastered allows you to give the perfect gift year after year.


Esty Lingerie launches Shahnaz Bodywear premium lingerie

Designed and made by Shahnaz Mahmud in the UK, Shahnaz Bodywear is a range of luxury-quality, sexy lingerie that is unlike anything you can buy on the high-street. The lingerie brand specialises in sensuous yet comfortable designs that are ideal for everyday wear. Inspired by bondage, Shahnaz Bodywear has a very sexy, very classy appeal.

This sumptuous lingerie brand combines raw silk, satin and organza in a way that provides a comfortable fit yet still works as excellent shapewear to sculpt the body. The impressive and distinctive collection comprises babydolls, knickers, bras and harness style bodies. (more…)

Drai’s Pool Party Has Guests Seeing Musotica’s Polka Dots at Dazzling Summer Kick Off!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… until Drai’s that is – the famous Vegas hot spot that recently cloned itself in the heart of West Hollywood. The 20,000 square-foot “mega club” with mind-boggling LA views, recently threw a Summer Pool Party to showcase its five-star restaurant, signature rooftop pool and expansive indoor/outdoor bars.

The Drai’s Pool Party featured top acts such as Aeroplane and Tony Martinez among others. Of course, what’s a pool party without a minimum 12 “Go-Go” dancers outfitted in retro polka-dotted swimsuits from Musotica.com, a popular sexy fashion, lingerie and fitness wear website. (more…)

An interview with Sean Shuter, creative owner of KNX Lingerie

Interviewed by: by Duane Barrett

Sean, tell us a little bit about yourself and KNX.

I am fast approaching 40, from Yorkshire I am married to Rachel; we have three fantastic little boys. I started the KnixKnaxKnox Group about 3 years ago now and have steadily grown the business into a group of retail websites, from lingerie to shoes. I love selling my products am deeply passionate about all of my products and I aim to do as much as possible for each individual, under no circumstances are we perfect, but we try to give as good a service as possible. (more…)

Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Sarah Wallner Brings Sexy Fashion Sense to the Big Screen in “Sucker Punch.”

Sarah Wallner, known as the “go to” wardrobe & stylists for “A” List Hollywood actors and models, was recently tapped to bring her talents to the big screen in Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” – a fantasy thriller where contrasting, suggestive costuming played a key supporting role in the movie.

Working with costume designer Michael Wilkinson and team, Wallner was presented with design themes, fabric and trim and asked to somehow make them work… make them fit… make them flattering… and make a tight deadline on budget.

“While this was my first movie, making actors look great for magazine shoots and TV appearances is something I’ve been doing for years,” says Wallner, who is also the founder of Musotica.com –- a website featuring sexy fashions, distinctive club and fitness wear. “It was a pleasure working with true  professionals who understood the challenges of styling, and the efforts involved.” (more…)

Titlion Lingerie and Panties – Exotic Lingerie

Titlion is one of the newest and sexiest exotic lingerie manufacturers and offers very sexy lingerie for women. While the name Titlion is a bit unusual the fact remains that the products they offer are cutting edge fashion forward lingerie and panties and consumers are running to purchase these products.

Breaking into the extremely competitive lingerie business is no small task as many well established lingerie manufacturers have been on the scene for many years. These companies are joined by new vendors regularly who are trying to establish a foothold in the market. Titlion is already establishing themselves as a growing force in the trade with its distinctive styles of panties that are daring and audacious in their own right while being ultra feminine, well made and fashion forward as well. (more…)

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