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Techno and House beat will have ‘fur flying’ this Halloween, says top Hollywood stylist Sarah Wallner

The reverberating thumping and flashing lights forever linked with Techno and House music will have the faux “fur flying” at Halloween parties throughout the country October 31st, according to popular Hollywood stylist and fashion designer Sarah Wallner.

Techno and House music is having a surprisingly large impact on what women will be wearing this Halloween,” said Wallner, founder of Musotica.com – a fashion destination for celebrities, models, businesswomen, soccer moms and “any woman interested in expressing her creative, athletic and sexy side.“

Wallner says its line of sexy faux fur animal costumes – from sultry Bears and cuddly Emperor Penguins, to Big Bad Wolves and even Ice Age Mammoths — are stampeding off Musotica’s online shelves, as women of all ages prepare to make a big splash this Halloween. (more…)

Super Model Teams with Superstar Celebrity Stylists to Create Centerfold Center of Attention in Playboy Magazine!

What happens when you team an aspiring interior decorator from the Ukraine with a top celebrity stylist from Italy? One of the most popular Playboy Magazine centerspreads to be published in some time, if soaring newsstand sales are any indication.

“When I was told I’d be working with model Sasha Bonilova, ‘Playmate of the Month,’ the first thing I did was visualize a theme that fit her sporty, self-proclaimed ’tom boy’ persona, timeless Playboy appearance, and ambitions of becoming a top interior decorator,” said Wallner, one of Hollywood’s leading celebrity stylists and founder of Musotica.com – a popular lingerie and fitness ware destination. “We wound up shooting her in a trendy downtown LA loft using colorful fabric rolls as a backdrop that could very well have been an interior designer’s office.”

As for Sasha’s outfit, Wallner styled her in a suggestive pale baby blue bustier – open of course – with aqua-color stockings that complimented the bustier, and a man’s tie that exposed her feisty, fun personality. Wallner pointed out that colored stockings are rare in Playboy photo shoots – but they worked beautifully in this scene. (more…)

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