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Cake Lingerie; A Feminine Fit (New York Times)

Who would have thought an initial article in the NY Times on Maternity & Nursing Bras, would cause as much discussion and controversy as it has on message boards. Sparking debate on sites such as Jezebel, Babble.com and Babycenter.com to name a few.

“Using sexual references and innuendos to promote maternity bras just adds pressure to women, who are already facing a period of great upheaval & adjustment. Of course some women find this a “sexy” time, but many may not. We respect that at Cake Lingerie,” says Tracey Montford, Cake Lingerie Designer and Founder. (more…)

Birthday Cake Final Pieces and Frosted Almond Offer

Cake Lingerie presents the final pieces of their luxurious Birthday Cake Collection this July/August, introducing new additions towards its Versatile and Fashion ranges, as well rewards their customers with a special ‘Almond’ offer.

With the ongoing focus on empowering women around the world, Cake Lingerie ensures its products are of the highest quality, are beautiful, supportive and bring confidence to any wearer – from morning through to night.

This season, Cake Lingerie rewards customers by offering reprised favourite non-wired bra, Frosted Almond (gold satin bra overlaid with vanilla lace), as a collective set at the reasonable price of one bra. (more…)

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